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Workforce Command Center

On February 19, 2019, Governor Tom Wolf signed Executive Order 2019-02, creating the Keystone Economic Development and Workforce Command Center.

The Command Center brings an innovative approach to addressing the critical issue of training qualified workers for the jobs Pennsylvania companies need to fill.

By bringing commonwealth, labor, and business leaders together in one setting on a weekly basis, the Command Center creates an opportunity to address real-time workforce issues with real-time solutions.  The Command Center will also further expand the ongoing collaboration occurring between state agencies, as well as between the administration and the private sector.

Annual Report 2020 – Building the Strongest Workforce in the Nation

The Keystone Economic Development and Workforce Command Center released the January 2020 Annual Report detailing the cross-agency, cross-sector collaboration across the state to improve Pennsylvania’s economic vitality, modernize the workforce, and address the needs of workers and employers alike. Learn more about the 42 recommendations proposed to improve the workforce in PA.

Keystone Economic Development and Workforce Data Dashboard

Fueling our drive to address critical issues is the data and statistics we have in Pennsylvania on our economic drivers, labor force, education and training programs, and the barriers to employment our citizens face in joining the workforce. Learn about Pennsylvania’s current performance and statistics impacting workforce outcomes on the Data Dashboard.

Command Center Responsibilities

The Command Center serves as an incubator for innovative ideas to build a skilled workforce and address worker shortages. Specifically, the Command Center has four main responsibilities:

  • Identifying impediments to employment and develop proposals and recommendations to minimize barriers, modernize the workforce, and improve the business climate in Pennsylvania.
  • Identifying successful models from the public and private sectors that address workers’ needs for access to a broad range of supports.
  • Developing workforce and economic development goals and tracking implementation of those goals.
  • Monitoring implementation of policies and initiatives related to workforce development.


The Command Center is a public private partnership led by an executive committee of three private organizations and three members of the Governor’s Cabinet.  Members of the executive committee include:

The Command Center also has representation from:

More Information

Inquiries about the Keystone Economic Development and Workforce Command Center may be directed to the Department of Community and Economic Development at the following email address:

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